Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sparkling Apple Juice

Is there no apple cider available in the Philippine grocery stores?

Cider is basically an alcoholic fruit soda, except in the US where cider refers to a type of unfiltered apple juice. "Hard cider" is what they call the fermented apple drink in the US. :)

Both the SM Supermarket and SM Hypermart don't have cider. Well, actually they do have Apple Cider Vinegar but I wanted the drink. No luck in the alcoholic drinks section so I settled for sparkling apple juice.

They had a grand total of one brand of sparking apple juice, Fresjus, although it did come in a nice bottle.

Sparkling apple juice is just carbonated nonalcoholic apple juice. It looks very similar to champagne if you pour it in a glass so it can be used as a nonalcoholic substitute for children and teetotalers.