Friday, November 19, 2010

Bake & Churn Ice Cream Cakes

I had my birthday party today and the star of the show was the Bake & Churn Midnight Cookies and Cream ice cream cake. The pictures below show the cake.

Everybody loved it, the kids especially. All of the kids and one of the adults at the birthday party were excited because it was their first time to eat an ice cream cake.

Bake & Churn -  Midnight Cookies and Cream

Lovely cake design and its sooo expensive!

It's topped with chocolate, cookies and a cherry.
The cake got a lot of oohs and aahs as I brought it from the kitchen after topping it with lighted candles. It really looked quite impressive and everyone wanted a big slice.

The taste did not disappoint. It's all chocolate (which is what the kids requested) - chocolate toppings, chocolate icing, chocolate chiffon cake and chocolate ice cream inside.

Best of all, it doesn't actually cost a fortune - I paid less than P600 for the cake.